We all have a choice to react or respond to the challenges we face. Watch as Sharon realizes she “flipped a switch” in her brain and chooses to focus on the present moment and gratitude instead of her dementia diagnosis. 

4.5 months After Beginning 1:1 Sessions

“Although Cynthia and Mom’s meetings have been all virtual, the impact of the time spend on these ZOOM calls has been notable.  Through guided self-reflection, she has gained awareness and acceptance in her life.  Through constant encouragement and teaching new skills for independence, she gained back confidence she had lost.  Through prescribed techniques, she has explored new ways to express herself while improving cognitive skills.  Above all, she feels support, understanding and gratitude for life from Cynthia every session they spend together.”

Marisa, Sharon’s Daughter

1 Year of 1:1 Sessions

“There is a growing body of research supporting the implementation of mindfulness techniques along with skilled intervention to improve overall cognition (specifically attention and recall). I have watched the transformation in Sharon over the last year as she received her dementia diagnosis, processed the fear and experienced the anxiety and grief associated with these types of prognoses, began working with Cynthia to target her emotional well-being and finally as she assumed ownership of her diagnosis and began experiencing her life with improved confidence, independence and JOY!! Pairing with a trained mindfulness coach has reinforced evidence based treatment techniques and yielded positive outcomes for Sharon and her family.”

Abby Stines, MS CCC-SLP

Ready to Choose YOU?

It’s not always possible to stay positive.

I can help you retrain your brain to create space, let yourself feel what you feel, and identify how you can keep moving forward, one moment at a time, no matter what life throws at you.

We can’t control life’s uncertainties. We can only control how we respond. I’d love to show you the life-changing benefits of mindfulness so you can feel more connected to yourself, your life and those you care about most!