How do you want to FEEL in your home?

Close your eyes and picture your dream home. Is it filled with open spaces or with clutter?

Make your dream home a reality.

Learn organization strategies that maximize your space and allow you to enjoy your home with more ease, flow and peace.

Step 1

We’ll identify your highest sources of stress and create a plan to tackle each space, one area at a time.

Step 2

We’ll determine which items to keep, donate, repurpose, recycle or put out with the garbage.

Step 3

We’ll figure out the best strategy to keep your home organized so you can stress less.


What should I expect on our first day? I’ll walk through your space with you and listen to your hopes, ideas and long term goals and get started asap!

How long does organizing take? Every project is different. I charge a 2 hour minimum but some jobs can require multiple days depending on square footage and number of items in one space. You make the final call on how much time you want to invest in organization.

Do you provide organizing materials like boxes, trays and labels? I do not provide supplies. However, I can take measurements and help you repurpose items you may already have (storage bins, shoe boxes, etc.) or we can determine a budget and I’ll make a run to a local home goods store of your choice to pick out and purchase items for you. I can make labels using my label maker or we can use something as simple as post it notes or painter’s tape and sharpies.

Do I have to help you? No, I can organize spaces without tossing a single item and leave that for you to manage on your time. Projects tend to go faster with extra hands, but you can participate as much or as little as you want.

What do I do with all the stuff I don’t want or need? I can help you organize donation bags and schedule pick up or drop offs with local organizations (and do the drop off for you!). I can also help with trips to the city dump or recycling center as needed.

What is the cost of organizing? While some companies require a 5 hour commitment, I charge $100/hour with a 2 hour minimum to start. This fee includes all services mentioned above. You set the budget for any additional storage bins, baskets, boxes or other organization items you may want.

What if I just need help packing? I offer organized packing services starting at $55/hour. This price includes* making boxes, packing and labeling boxes (labels provided) and visits to a store to pick up packing materials as needed. I will share a digital spreadsheet to keep track of the number of boxes per room and provide a brief description of which items are in each box to make unpacking easier. *This price does NOT include packing materials such as boxes and tape, or physically moving/loading boxes.

What is your organization schedule? I am available Tuesday-Friday from 9AM-4PM and on Saturdays, 9AM-2PM.

What are the benefits of organizing? Decluttering and organizing your home can have a ripple effect: When you have more physical space, you can move and breathe easier. It helps save money and even saves time when it comes to cleaning. Personally, I’ve experienced less stress in my life since I started regularly decluttering my home and office 5 years ago and would love to help you do the same!

Delighted Client Reviews:

Cynthia was a great help with organizing. She quickly helped me sort through a large closet full of accumulated stuff and label the useful items. Now I can find what I’m looking for and the closet looks amazing. Thank you!”

~Sheryl K.

Brilliant, patient, communicative, and not at all judgmental about chaos, she’s pretty much the kind of person you’d want to help you tackle the large projects. After a couple of productive hours, my closet already feels more spacious and useful.”

~Candace V.

Thank you for organizing my life!”

~Lindsay L.


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